Where did StatusEntry come out?

With the developing technology, a new digital product is entering our lives every day. Whether these products are B2B or B2C, they provide convenience to our daily lives and professional institutions in many areas. Are these digital products, we are accustomed to over time and cannot even imagine their deficiency, can they work like a heart? No, from time to time even the best of them can go out of service by having a heart attack.

The quality of the brand exhibits itself in precisely these harsh times, and at this point, we have some questions that we think are very important:

Did you notice the problem before your audiences?

We know that it is impossible to catch all the problems that may occur before your customers. However, we know that it is also impossible for you to respond to all your customers who contacted you for every problem.

That’s why we help you convince them that you are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it. Hence, you will not be disturbed with recurring tickets, support emails, phone calls, etc. Just make your effort and make them feel safer.

Well, are your audiences aware that you care about them?

When users report a problem, unfortunately, they often find themselves in the middle of a compulsory and unpleasant situation, such as tracking their tickets and responding to prolonged emails, which has a very negative impact on customer satisfaction. But shouldn’t this be the opposite?

The company serving its customer should inform them whether the problem has been resolved or the current situation expected to be resolved soon. Only in this way, the company can show customers its respects and cares. With our companies we work together and offer solutions, we are aware that sales start after payment, not before.

These questions we look for an answer gave the opportunity to the birth of StatusEntry and to be here: To enhance your startup’s relationships with your customers. Always be open to them!

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